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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Saint Kabir Das Photo

Great Saint and Poet Kabir Das

Kabir Das was born in the varanasi, which was located in india, most likely just about the year 1440, to Muslim parents. Other than in his life saint kabir was become a believed of the Hindu bhakti saint Ramananda. It was unusual for a Hindu teacher to accept a Muslim student, but customer says the little kabir found a creative way to overcome all objection.

It also thought what actually made a assembly the special is that in this case it, was merely after kabir’s explanation that they are Ramananda, his teacher, become enlightened.

Sri Kabir Das Photo

Saint Kabir Das Photo

Photo of Kabir Das

Kabir Photo & Wallpaper

Indian Poet Kabir Wallpaper

Guru Kabir Wallpaper

Great Writer Kabir Photo

Great Poet Kabir Wallpaper

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